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WIMA has 3 locations:

Our Pointe-­Claire location is at 222 Blvd. Brunswick. We’re between the YMCA and Costco.

Our Cote St. Luc location is at 5555 Westminster #312, corner Cote St. Luc Road; the entrance is next to the dentist’s office.

Our Beaconsfield location is at 482 Beaconsfield Blvd. #204, just east of Woodland Ave, above the ice cream shop.


Q: How long are lessons?
A: WIMA provides lessons of 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes, either once or twice a week.

Q: What are the school’s hours?
A: WIMA is open from 2-­9 pm during the week and 9-­6 pm on weekends. We have a wide range of staff availability in order to meet your needs ​and ​provide the least stressful scheduling situation possible.

Q: Are the lessons one-on-one or are they done in groups?
A: WIMA’s lessons are typically done in a one-on-one format to build a strong and personal rapport between the student and teacher. We also offer beginner group piano lessons, and rock band classes.

Q: At what age can my child start learning an instrument?
A: WIMA suggests the earliest to start teaching piano and violin is 4-5 years old . Voice is best at 7-8 years old and drums, guitar and bass at 8-10 years old.

Q: What will I or my child learn?
A: Here at WIMA, we are student-oriented. This means our staff focuses on teaching what the student needs to learn in order to play the songs they want to play! We do not tell you what songs to play but merely encourage the proper methods and training techniques to better improve your skills.

Q: What if I have multiple children that want to learn an instrument?
A: WIMA has a large staff availability that can accommodate your needs. We won’t have them learning with the same teacher at the same time, but they can be with different teachers at the same time, different times or with the same teacher at different times. We can even try to arrange for siblings to have jam sessions once in a while!

Q: Are there any supplies that student’s need?
A: Here at WIMA, the student must own the instrument in order to practice at home. They are also required to bring their instrument, besides drums and piano, to their lesson. Amps and cables for electrical instruments are provided here. Any books for lessons can be purchased through us at the school. The students are also required to bring a smile and a positive attitude! DON’T FORGET YOUR PICKS AND STICKS!

Q: Do you have classes where I or my child can learn how to be in a band?
A: Absolutely! WIMA has a “Rock n Roll Academy”! We audition and group students according to their age group and level. We then teach them all of the steps in order to become a successful band while playing their favorite songs and perhaps some originals as well. They learn how to properly rehearse, compose, perform and they even complete a professional music video!


Q: How do we select a teacher?
A: Everyone has different criteria for selecting a teacher. For many, it is a matter of convenience of when you can come for lessons. However, we do invite you to check out our staff on our website to make an informed decision. Either way, it is important for you to let us know what and how you wish to be taught so the teacher can meet your personal goals and interests!

Q: How do we register?
A: You can register by emailing us (see Contact Us) or over the phone at 514-505-6606. You can also register in person at the closest location.

Q: What if I or my child wants to learn multiple instruments?
A: Here at WIMA, we encourage our students to expand their horizons as much as possible. We can arrange that you have the student’s lessons on the same day following one-another or on different days.


Q: What happens if we can’t make a lesson and need to cancel?
A: Although we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy, WIMA and its staff are very flexible at doing make up lessons. If you can’t make it one day and provide plenty of notice, our faculty will try their best to arrange a makeup date. In the event of an illness or family emergency, the lesson will be made up, guaranteed. We are very flexible, but are limited in certain situations.

Q: What happens if my student doesn’t like his/her teacher or instrument midway through the session?
A: WIMA is very concerned with our students’ enjoyment. If the student is unsatisfied with their instructor, or simply feels their needs are not being met, we have plenty of other instructors for every instrument available. If they are not enjoying the instrument that they are studying, they can change instruments at no extra cost.

Q: Can we drop out of the session at any point?
A: According to Quebec law, WIMA provides a $50 drop fee for cancelling registration. However, if you prefer, we do allow someone else to replace the current student for the remainder of the session at no extra cost. They can even change instruments or teachers if they feel so inclined.


Q: How much do lessons cost?
A: Half hour lessons are $30, 45 minute lessons are $45, and hour lessons are $52. These rates are then multiplied by the amount of weeks in the semester. Taxes are included.

Q: How are payments set up?
A: WIMA has a variety of methods of payments. Depending on how far into the session it is, we can split your payments into two or three installments.

Q: What are the methods of payment?
A: We accept cash, check, etransfer or credit card. For installments, post-dated checks or pre-authorized credit transactions must be given.

Q: Are there any miscellaneous fees (such as registration, cancellation, or administration fees)?
A: No, no and no!

Q: Is there a type of tax credit I can apply for?
A: Yes, the provincial government offers tax credits for music lessons, including rock band lessons. For additional information on this credit, please consult the Quebec government’s website.


Q: Is there some sort of performance where I can watch or invite friends and family to see myself/my child perform?
A: There most certainly is! At the end of every session we have a recital where students are allowed to perform for free and their friends and family are more than welcome to watch.

Q: Do we need tickets?
A: Yes. All who are attending must purchase tickets in order to watch the recital. This is enforced in order to subsidize the cost of the hall and equipment rental for the performance. Tickets are $10 each.

Q: Do we need to stay for the entire day of the recital?
A: No. The students are put into smaller groups throughout the day lasting up to 90 minutes each, for your convenience.




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WIMA Pointe-Claire

222 Brunswick Blvd
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R 1A6

WIMA Cote Saint-Luc

5555 Westminster #312
Cote Saint-Luc, Quebec, H4W 2J2

WIMA Beaconsfield

482 Beaconsfield Blvd. #204
Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 4C4


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