Re-Opening – August 2020

Dear WIMA Family,

As we prepare to re-open WIMA for in-person lessons, we wanted to reiterate that the health and safety of our students, parents and teachers is our top priority. We plan to resume in-person lessons on August 3rd. If you prefer to continue with Virtual Lessons for the remainder of the Summer, simply let us know via email!

Lessons for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Violin, Piano, and Ukulele will be resuming on August 3rd. Unfortunately, the research isn’t in our favour for Singing/Voice lessons at this time. We will hold off until the Fall or later if necessary for resuming in-person Singing/Voice lessons.

Please be advised that the Reception area at WIMA will be CLOSED unless absolutely necessary. Parents and/or guardians will be only invited in to sign documents or conduct payments if necessary.

Here are some of the measures being taken to promote a healthy lesson environment;

Sterilizing anything students come into contact with during their lessons; pianos, music stands, drum sets, amplifiers, door knobs, surfaces, etc.

Students and teachers will no longer share pianos. A separate keyboard has been purchased for the teachers.

Social distancing will be respected throughout the school, including within the lessons.

All lesson rooms have been measured and conform with the norms set out by the CSST. Any rooms that fail to achieve sufficient distance will not be used for lessons.

Teachers, Students & Staff will wear masks at all times.

The routine cleaning schedule will be repeated hourly instead of daily.

Training has been provided to all Teachers & Staff on our new procedures.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 514-505-6606 or via email at Thank you!

Joel Ovadia
Director, WIMA