Music is one of the most prominent aspects of any culture. Because of this sentiment, many people want to learn how to play a variety of instruments; the guitar is one example.

Where we have trouble, however, is in deciding how we should learn the guitar. Should we take guitar lessons, or should we teach ourselves? There’s an argument for both of these claims, so let’s take a look at them.

I Should Teach Myself

Some of us consider ourselves self-learners, so teaching ourselves how to play the guitar should be easy. The biggest obstacle is finding out where we can find these kinds of lessons. Luckily, with the rise of the internet, there are millions of sources to search and try out.

How Should I Teach Myself?

With the rise of the internet comes the increased type of lessons to take. Search engines such as Google and DuckDuckGo show us various lessons on teaching ourselves the guitar. There are also multiple YouTube videos where we can learn how to play the guitar for free. If the internet is too distracting, we can always buy some books on how to play or go to the library. It’s that easy.

Pros of Teaching Ourselves the Guitar

  • The guitar isn’t a difficult instrument to learn
  • We can learn at our own pace
  • There are various resources available to teach ourselves the guitar

Cons of Teaching Ourselves the Guitar

  • We can lack the motivation to learn
  • There’s a lack of structure when teaching ourselves
  • We sometimes don’t realize what we’re doing wrong on the first try

I Should Take Lessons

It’s hard to learn a new skill, especially for some of us who aren’t good at teaching ourselves. Sometimes, directions can confuse us, and we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing. Luckily, there are still ways we can learn to play the guitar — all we need is a little help.

Where Should I Take Lessons?

In the old days, the only way to learn how to play the guitar was to have someone who knew how to play teach us. Nowadays, we have various online lessons to consult. There are also multiple teachers online, so someone who might have trouble with one teacher can learn from another. There are expensive lessons from some teachers, but others teach at low prices or even for free. All we have to do is find which teachers and resources we want, and start learning.

Pros of Guitar Lessons

  • Teachers can help us learn how to play better
  • Lessons have a better structure for learning
  • Various teachers can teach us different ways

Cons of Guitar Lessons

  • Some lessons can be expensive
  • We can’t learn at our own pace
  • Some teachers don’t work well with us

In brief

Music is one of the most prominent aspects of any culture, and that’s why many of us want to learn to play instruments like the guitar. For those of us who are good at teaching ourselves, self-taught guitar lessons are great for learning the guitar. However, those of us who need some help benefit more from lessons taught by others.