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private lesson

Discover the relaxed atmosphere of our private lessons and Come share our love of music! We let the student choose the songs that are used to support the learning of basic musical principles.


Rock lessons

Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band? Well, now you can! Students are paired with other students at similar levels or with their existing bands to learn to jam together and perform.


toddler lesson

You can start your child’s lifelong love of music as early as 9 months old! WIMA offers several programs for young children ages 9 months – 4 years.


At WIMA, we believe that the development of a musician requires a playful approach to music. Our unique concept has allowed us to build our stellar reputation and makes our academy the best music school in Montreal: you learn music while having fun with highly qualified teachers. Let’s make every lesson a fun experience!  

We want your children to learn music in a creative and entertaining atmosphere. This is why we adapt our teaching to the rhythm and preferences of each of our students. We want to allow our students to reach their own goals in a personalized and relaxed atmosphere.


Some of our teachers

Simone (singing)

A woman in red dress playing the guitar

Originally from Australia, Simone is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach. Simone attained  a Bachelor’s degree in music performance in 2011. During her international tour, she composed songs with famous singer-songwriters. 

Simone teaches pop, folk, rock, country and musical theatre. During lessons with Simone, you will learn not only how to become a singer-songwriter, but also recording and sound mixing techniques.

Matt (drums)


Matt started playing drums when he was 10 and he has been teaching for five years. Thanks to his great versatility, he currently plays for 2 musical groups with very different styles.

Matt also won first prize for 2 years in a row at the Quebec and Ontario Music Festival.

Ryan (guitar)

Portrait of a man playing the guitar

Ryan has been playing guitar since he was 6 years old. He began lessons in high school and with his high school band, he performed not only in Montreal, but also in China!

He is currently studying music at Montreal Vanier College and hopes to continue his studies to make music his career.