Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band? Well, now you can! Students are grouped with other students at similar levels or with their existing bands to learn to jam together and perform. We have on average 7–10 rock bands per semester, ranging between ages 8 and 18 years old.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Academy!

Depending on your age and skill level, we have 2 different streams of Rock Band classes:

Junior Rock Band (ages 6-9)


  • Students of similar ages and levels are placed into Rock Bands, where all instruments are welcome!
  • Students learn how to work together to rehearse, socialize, resolve conflicts, and have lots of fun!
  • A major emphasis is placed on communication, equipment proficiency, stage presence, group dynamics, and MUCH MORE!
  • Bands get to perform at our Recitals at the end of each term!


  • Every rehearsal is supervised by an experienced music teacher with band coordination experience.
  • Rehearsals are 60 minutes per week.

Fees (10-week Rock Band program):

  • Existing WIMA Student: $150
  • Student outside of WIMA: $200

Rock Band PRO (ages 10+)


  • Advanced students with at least 2 years of private lessons are placed into Rock Bands.
  • Bands work along with their Band Mentor to compose their own original material with contributions from all band members.
  • Topics such as Booking Gigs, Blogs, Vlogs, Promo Photos, Logos, Networking, Self-Promotion, etc. will be covered to give the Band a head-start in the music industry!
  • How to manage your online media presence will also be covered. Bands will create their own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Soundcloud accounts not to mention their very own Website!


  • Rehearsals are 90 minutes per week and are led by professional musicians.
  • Each group will record a music video and gain studio experience.
  • Bands will produce professional multi-tracked demo recordings of their original compositions at the WIMA Studio.

Fees (10-week Rock Band program):

  • Existing WIMA Student: $250
  • Student outside of WIMA: $300

If you have any questions or would like to add your child’s name to our audition list, call us now at 514-505-6606 or contact us here.


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