WIMA is a privately owned and operated music school offering quality personalized music lessons, rock band classes, music for toddlers programs, recitals and recordings. The Academy has three locations situated in Montreal: Pointe-Claire (est. 2010), Cote-Saint-Luc (est. 2013) and Beaconsfield (est. 2020). Known for their highly qualified teachers, personalized lesson sessions and friendly, welcoming environment; the studio has made a name for itself in the private music education sector. We also offer rock band classes in our Rock ‘N’ Roll Academy, music camps and music for toddler classes. For your convenience, we also stock instrument accessories and music books.



Our mission at the WIMA Music Academy is to set a precedent in the privately taught music education industry. Our focus is to develop a unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages, ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. We aim to provide unique, individualized musical education by offering new and innovative curriculum tailored to personal learning approaches, pace of learning and preferences of our students. It is our belief that students should have choices and options when it comes to their musical education. Here at WIMA, we strive to help our students achieve THEIR goals, rather than the expectations of others in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.




WIMA is taking over social media! All our recital performances (bi-annually performed) are uploaded to our YouTube channel and our photos are regularly uploaded to our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter as well for daily updates on the fun-loving learning community that is WIMA. Come check out what we’re all about!



My 9 year old daughter is very shy. We enrolled her in voice classes at WIMA, and she LOVED every minute of it. The school makes learning music so much fun. The kids are inspired and engaged. The staff are a superbly talented group of young, dynamic musician-teachers. My daughter enjoyed every minute. She gained so much more than voice lessons at WIMA — she gained confidence and self-esteem. We are very grateful.

Sharon G., Parent

Both my kids (ages 14 and 17) take lessons at WIMA and are part of the rock band program.  The teachers are wonderful mentors;  you can tell they have a real passion for music and really care about sharing that passion with the students.   The winter and end of year recitals are a great way to have the students show off what they’ve learned. Kudos to all of the WIMA staff for making music fun!

Ron C., Parent

WIMA is extremely talented!! It’s particularly exciting for a student to know that some of his teachers are also performers, song writers and music composers.  I know that my son looks up to them for advice and inspiration, for their quality of work and their professionalism. I know he’s in great hands and I would strongly recommend WIMA to anybody who wants to learn music!  WIMA is my son’s home away from home!!  WIMA Rocks!!!”

Nathalie R., Parent

We have found WIMA and we are hooked. Two of my children are enrolled in private lessons as well as the Rock Band program and I am thoroughly impressed with the improvements they have made.  They have been in music programs before but have never excelled or enjoyed it as much as they have at WIMA. The instructors are so talented and professional and most of all fun! My children have been encouraged to explore a wide range of musical styles and have loved it.  I would recommend WIMA to any family who want a fun and diverse learning experience for their child.  WIMA has made my children confident and proud to perform at the recitals and they are always looking forward to their next class.

Thank you WIMA, you guys ROCK!!

Sharon B., Parent

My wife and I are very pleased with WIMA.

The teachers are both doing a great job with our 8 yr old boys, Liam and James. James is learning guitar and Liam is learning drums. Both teachers are very nice people who clearly have an abundance of passion and patience. Good combination! But more than these two fine teachers, everyone we’ve encountered at the academy is friendly and approachable. The entire team seems to be highly people-oriented.

My wife and I are very lucky to have selected your academy. We say that to each other all the time – particularly when our boys come out of their classes with huge glowing smiles on their faces.

Keep up the great work!

Brent F., Parent

This year is our first attending the West Island Music Academy. Previously, my child took 5 years of classes at another music school.  We decided to make the switch because the WIMA offered much more in terms of services. Now, my child not only has a great voice coach, but can record songs, and participate in a rock band!  I also like the fact the the staff and owner are so friendly and accommodating.  My child looks forward and is extremely excited to go to music class each week, and I notice how much her skills have improved. I would highly recommend joining WIMA, it is a decision I am sure you will not regret!

Karin O., Parent

Why is WIMA so great?  That is what some of my friends ask me.  My answer? Because the teachers actually encourage you and help you to improve.  Most of allthey listen to your ideas!!  That is why I love WIMA so much.

Kiara P., Parent

It has been quite a few years since Eric first started walking down the street to Joey’s house for guitar lessons, continued in what was the ‘new’ school, even jumped on the ‘band’ wagon and started playing with Pendulum Swing- and has loved every minute of it.

The WIMA staff and administration work hard to put on great shows so that we can share in their gift of music.  We thank you so much!

Lisa L., Parent

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