At WIMA, our teachers know how attached students can get to their own musical style. That’s why, based on the strength of their experience teaching music, they share their passion while adapting the bass guitar lessons to let each student express their own musicality, whether they are beginners or advanced.


All WIMA studios are outfitted with the equipment necessary for learning and practicing guitar. You just have to bring your bass, your sheet music, and your enthusiasm!


During the lessons, we teach the fundamental basics of music while respecting each student’s musical style. All students are strongly encouraged to have their teachers listen to their favourite pieces, and they can choose the musical style they would like to focus on. Our teaching methods, which rely on good communication, allow the students to build a solid foundation for learning music. Once the fundamentals have been acquired, students can tackle more advanced techniques such as writing or improvisation.



Chloe has been in a constant musical environment ever since the age of 6. Chloe has performed classical music in choirs and orchestras her entire life. While she started her musical education in Classical Piano, she eventually made the switch to Electric Bass in her teenage years. She puts a lot of emphasis on Ear Training and Rhythmic Precision in her lessons. She is proficient in Jazz/Latin, Classical, Motown/R&B, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and Pop. She takes inspiration from the music of James Jamerson, Anderson .Paak, Esperanza Spalding, Roger Waters, Queen, David Bowie and Tchaikovsky. Chloé is currently finishing up her degree in Bass Guitar specializing in Jazz Performance at Vanier College.

Chloe teaches on Mondays and Sundays

Daniel est un guitariste, bassiste, chanteur, producteur et compositeur de bandes son brésilien basé à Montréal. Il a commencé sa carrière musicale en jouant du saxophone ténor en 1992. À l’âge de 15 ans, il a décidé d’expérimenter différents instruments tels que la guitare électrique, la batterie et la basse. Depuis, sa passion pour la musique n’a fait que grandir.

Il a grandi dans une maison très musicale et être exposé à une grande variété de styles était la clé pour développer un certain nombre d’influences pouvant être entendues dans son jeu. Des musiciens et des groupes tels que Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, B. King, ACDC, Tom Jobim, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrel, Jamiroquai, Al Green et Marvin Gaye sont quelques-uns de ses plus grands héros.


Daniel a étudié avec des professeurs privés à São Paulo, au Brésil. En 2002, il a commencé son baccalauréat dans une université de la musique brésilienne. Il poursuit maintenant des études en jazz à l’Université Concordia.

Certains de ses projets vont d’un hommage à Jimi Hendrix, à Midnight Funkers et à un trio de jazz appelé Living Room, qui se déroulent dans différents lieux, mariages et événements d’entreprise à São Paulo.

L’approche de Daniel en matière d’enseignement repose sur la compréhension et non sur la mémorisation, le développement de la formation auditive et l’effort constant de transmettre à ses étudiants une partie de sa passion pour la musique.

Daniel teaches on Thursdays and Saturdays.

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Devan teaches on Sundays.

Côte Saint-Luc

Ilya’s passion for music began at an early age when his father, a classical music enthusiast, would regularly acquaint him to various composers. As a young boy, Ilya also sang with an Orthodox Church choir yet his true devotion to music began when he picked up the guitar at the age of 8, practicing and composing in a multitude of genres ranging from rock to classical. His strong interest in the progressive jazz genre led him to pursue his studies in Jazz Guitar at Vanier College and later at Concordia University.

Ilya has also studied extensively in film production and has written numerous scores for various independent films. Furthermore, he has played in numerous Progressive Rock, Funk and Jazz bands, often in various venues in Montreal.


Teaching has always been a passion for Ilya and a means to convey his enthusiasm to the student. His method of teaching relies strongly on establishing good communication and a positive learning environment. The students first develop their basic guitar skills through songs they like and various popular songs. Ilya also enjoys teaching advanced techniques such as improvisation and songwriting.

Ilya teaches on Tuesdays and Sundays.


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David teaches on Wednesdays.

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Jeff teaches on Thursdays and Saturdays.

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Patrick teaches on Sundays.