WIMA is currently offering three music camps during the summer. These intensive classes take place during the day, and are great way for students to learn how to improve their skills in a short period of time.

All our summer camps are held at WIMA Pointe-Claire: 222 Brunswick Blvd, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 1A6.

All our summer camps are designed for students aged 10-18 years old.

CAMP ROCK: Join a rock band!

At CAMP ROCK, you’re a ROCKSTAR for the summer. Join a rock band, be mentored by pro musicians, record in a professional studio, make a video clip and play a live recorded show with your new band.

CAMP ROCK is a LOUD, INTENSIVE and FUN rockstar experience. It’s a week-long camp presented by WIMA Music Academy for ages 10-18. You’ll play as a band, learn about all the different genres of music, gain leadership and teamwork skills and have fun making music with friends.

Further details:

  • Camp participants must have at least 6 months-1 year learning their instrument before attending the rockband camp, so that they’re rockband ready. If that’s not you, consider contacting WIMA for lessons on your favourite instrument or attending one of our beginner camps. Campers are grouped into groups of similar ages, levels, and musical styles.
  • Campers will have two Band Practices per day (2 hours each), two informative tutorial seminars pertaining to music styles, and mini daily performances for other campers
  • Campers will shoot a Music Video for one song with Avbury Studios

Campers will participate in a performance at the end of the week at WIMA for parents and friends.

July 3-7, 2023
August 21-25, 2023

CAMP STUDIO: Learn how to be a music producer with a professional sound engineer!

Have you ever wanted to turn your musical ideas into ACTUAL songs? As a band or solo artist, performing is both fun and rewarding! BUT… What happens after your performance? How will your friends and family, AND fans be able to listen to your songs over again? The answer is simple: RECORDING! Our brand-new CAMP STUDIO offers WIMA and non-WIMA students a fun and hands-on approach to recording music from Avbury Studios – located right HERE at WIMA! This specialized camp is an intimate group of (maximum) 6 campers. Together, you will form a music production team and learn the art of creativity in a collaborative environment with a professional music producer/sound engineer.

July 3-7, 2023
August 21-25, 2023

CAMP SING: Find your voice!

CAMP SING is a vocal bootcamp, designed to help you reach your ultimate singing potential. Work with professional singers and vocal specialists to increase your range, volume, power, and performance techniques. Participants will have the choice to join a pop vocal ensemble or broadway troop to work on teamwork, harmony and group performance skills as well as learning to master solo vocal performance, and singing into a microphone. 

The camp culminates in a professional recording session and a vocal recital for parents and friends. You’ll be amazed at how much better you are at singing at the end of an intensive week of working on your Voice.

July 17-21, 2023

SONGWRITING CAMP: Learn how to write your own songs!

SONGWRITING CAMP is designed for musicians of all songwriting levels! For those who are new to songwriting and for those who want to elevate their own music to the next level! This intensive camp will include activities such as lyric writing, song formats, audio recording and how to confidently perform your original songs in front of a crowd! Students will dive into songs from multiple genres and artists, and apply what they learn to their own compositions. By the end of the week, each student will have composed at least one song, either as a group or solo act.

Campers will participate in a performance at the end of the week at WIMA for parents and friends.

July 24-28, 2023