10 Tips to Improve Your Singing and Sing in Tune

For some people, singing comes naturally. For others, not so much. But improving your voice is necessary in all cases. Fortunately, nothing is impossible! Today, we give you 10 tips to improve your singing voice!

Why is breathing important to improve your voice?

Breathing is very important in singing. The vocal cords are partially activated by the air that comes out of our lungs. Along with the throat muscles, these are the two elements that give humans the ability to sing. Knowing how to control your breathing helps you hold notes longer. 

A practical exercise

To work on your breathing, there are many exercises, which are also practiced in our private lessons. You can take a feather and try to keep it in the air with the power of your breath. You have to make the feather float as long as possible by maintaining a constant air flow. 15 minutes per day is sufficient.

Warm up the muscles

A simple stretch to prepare your voice

As we have seen, singing is a matter of breath and muscles, so it’s important to perform daily stretches to prepare your neck muscles.

You have to exhale slowly, tilting your head to the right. Remain in this position for a moment, then do the same thing on the other side. Repeat this exercise several times.

The importance of the abdominal muscles

When learning to sing, you will also be using your abdominal muscles. It is therefore important to stretch your upper body to prepare for the higher tones.

Finally, don’t forget to do a vocal warmup before you even start to find your range. Your vocal cords will then be ready to start the exercise!

Choose the right posture

To sing in tune, make sure your back is straight. You should also keep your head and neck straight. Your shoulders should be lowered.

If you want to improve your singing voice, you shouldn’t be too tense. This can be felt in your singing

Improve your singing: find your range

Now that you know more about which posture to adopt, you have to find your range. Humans can reach 4 ranges: 

  • Soprano and tenor for high voices
  • Alto and bass for deep voices

How to find your range

To determine your tone, you have to start by emitting a neutral sound. From this sound, increase your range to reach a high note. Proceed gradually and don’t force your voice. If you notice any discomfort in your voice, you have exceeded your highest tone.

Then, perform the same exercise, this time with low notes. Once you know your limits, you can move on to the next step!

Practice on the musical scale

A musical scale is a series of notes sung in succession and rising in pitch. You have probably already seen certain singers reciting the different notes in a specific range.

To improve your voice, you have to sing your range from low to high. Then, try to go down a tone and repeat the exercise. Like always, stay within the limits of your range.

Listen to yourself

When you want to work on your voice, it’s important to listen to yourself sing. That way, you can correct yourself in the event of a wrong note. You have several solutions to listen to yourself.

You can record yourself or use a microphone and a speaker. With a little practice, you will be able to sing in tune very quickly by fixing your mistakes.

How to improve your singing: pay attention to your nose

Sometimes, nasal singing can interfere with your singing. This sound is partially due to the position of the tongue. When you want to improve your voice to sing in tune, place your tongue as low as possible in your mouth.

Practice, always practice

You know what they say: you become a blacksmith by forging. The same goes for singing. By practicing, you adopt the right gestures and the right habits. You should therefore impose a vocal routine on yourself based on the advice given previously.  

By correcting yourself, you sing more and more in tune. That’s why you have to constantly continue to practice your singing!


When you sing, your throat muscles are in constant use, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Cold water is not recommended; we suggest opting for room-temperature water.

You should also avoid dairy products. These are incompatible with your singing practice. Your vocal cords therefore stay relaxed and you can keep singing! 

How to improve your singing: consider singing lessons

Sometimes, even after rigorous training, you may feel restrained in your progress. To rectify this situation, you should consider singing lessons! Assisted by a singing teacher, you will quickly make great progress and become an outstanding singer! The vocal coach helps you release your voice and improve your vocal technique. Don’t hesitate to contact us!






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