So many people regret never having learned how to play the piano when they were younger, and now they fear it’s too late.  It is NEVER too late for adults to take piano lessons!

Personalized learning methods

Anyone at any age can learn to play the piano. The learning methods are not the same for adults as they are for children, but adults can definitely learn and advance quickly, attaining a good level of playing ability.

There are specially adapted methods for adult learners, so that they can progress at their own pace.  The lessons are more open-ended than children’s courses ( less “homework” for example!).

Piano teachers are acutely aware of all the challenges adults may encounter in studying the piano:  lack of time, limited dexterity, vision or memory difficulties,  the inability to read music, etc.  Our teachers are there to calm your worries, propose specialized solutions to these problems, and guide your progress, all the while giving you encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Advantages of being an adult beginner

As an adult beginner, you already have the motivation. Your goal is to play simply for the enjoyment, and you possess the self-discipline needed to succeed.  As a mature player, you are able to participate in and enhance your own individual progress.  All these qualities will help you rapidly achieve your goals.

No juvenile classes

Many adults dream of taking piano lessons, but don’t want to be reprimanded for every wrong note.  Our teachers understand this, and they are there to respond to those needs.  They share your objectives, and they want to help you advance rapidly without insisting upon boring exercises.  They will choose the method that best suits your abilities and learning style, not the other way around.

Why take adult piano lessons?

Music is actually a form of therapy, and there is no age limit for developing one’s musical ability.  Some people enjoy music lessons as a pastime, or to develop the talent they have always dreamed of attaining, while others see it as a challenge, or something to check off their “bucket list”.  Some adults take lessons simply for the love of music.  Whatever your motivation, in taking piano lessons, you will enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Self confidence
  • The opportunity to express deeply-felt emotions
  • Improve your musical ear
  • A sense of personal accomplishment
  • Improved memory and coordination
  • Stress reduction
  • Learn to “let go”  (Adults are typically very hard on themselves.  In taking lessons, you will learn to appreciate all your efforts and accentuate the positive).
  • Pure unadulterated FUN!


As an adult beginner, or an adult who is taking up the piano again after many years, you already have the ability to progress very quickly, starting from the very first lesson. You will learn the proper technique as well as the ability to read musical notation.  The combination of these two elements equals SUCCESS!

From there, you will then move on to mastering the art of the keyboard.  This is more time consuming, requiring practice and patience.  Our teachers can help you on this journey.  You mustn’t put too much pressure on yourself, because one cannot expect perfection after only one day!  (Actually, that’s the best way to lose your motivation!)  Our teachers will help you realize that you can improve your playing every day, in small increments, which will culminate in beautiful music after a few months or years.

Convinced?  Challenge yourself!  Embark on a wonderful adventure by signing up for adult piano lessons today!  Don’t delay!