The Essential Chords to Know

The Essential Piano Chords to Know If you want to play music quickly, you can learn the piano chords. When you are learning to play piano, there is a series of essential chords to know. What is a piano chord? In music, a chord is a combination of keys played...

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10 Tips to Improve Singing – Sing in Tune

10 Tips to Improve Your Singing and Sing in Tune For some people, singing comes naturally. For others, not so much. But improving your voice is necessary in all cases. Fortunately, nothing is impossible! Today, we give you 10 tips to improve your singing voice! Why is...

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Should I Take Guitar Lessons or Teach Myself?

SHOULD I TAKE GUITAR LESSONS OR TEACH MYSELF? Music is one of the most prominent aspects of any culture. Because of this sentiment, many people want to learn how to play a variety of instruments; the guitar is one example. Where we have trouble, however, is in...

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Children’s Arts Tax Credits

Please request your Child's Arts Tax Credit receipt by email! Who qualifies for this credit? Students aged under 16 years - Maximum credit available: $500 - Minimum of 8 consecutive weeks of lessons taken in 2021 Students with disability aged under 18 years - Maximum...

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Music Camp 2022 Details!

You've been asking us forever... and now we're finally making it happen! Here are the details for our summer camp programming in 2022! Camp Times: Monday through Friday:    9am - 3:30pm (pick up program available from 3:30-5pm) Prices: $300 per week for each camp...

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Should I Take Guitar Lessons or Teach Myself?

Are you looking to learn how to play guitar? Then, you've probably wondered: Should I take guitar lessons or teach myself? There’s an argument for both of these claims, so let’s take a look at them. I Should Teach Myself Some of us consider ourselves self-learners, so...

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Open House 2021!

WIMA is proud (and excited!) to announce the grand unveiling of our new and improved Pointe-Claire location on August 28th, 2021! After founding WIMA Pointe-Claire in 2010, WIMA Cote Saint-Luc in 2013, WIMA Beaconsfield in January 2020, it was time to move our humble...

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Pre-Registration is Underway!

FALL 2020 SEMESTER Listed here is information regarding the fall semester. Please make sure to reserve your times in advance!   FALL 2020 SEMESTER DATES:  AUGUST 31 - DECEMBER 13, 2020 Holidays (no lessons): Labour Day (September 7th) & Thanksgiving (October...

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