We personalize the lessons to respond to student’s specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or are simply looking to improve. Depending on your goals, we can offer you the opportunity of learning theory, different playing techniques, composition and stage presence.


Support materials:

We carefully selected books and varied methods perfectly suited to the student’s level in order to teach them how to read sheet music, chord diagrams, and musical notation.



Each WIMA studio is outfitted with quality accessories and equipment. You only have to bring your flute, sax, trumpet and your sheet music, and your smile! WIMA does not provide mouth pieces or reeds for hygiene purposes. 



In order to teach the musical basics while respecting the musicality of each student, we encourage them to show their teachers their favourite pieces and to choose the musical style that they would like to work on.





flute10fullThe first song that Adelina ever performed on flute was “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie “Titanic”. She has not stopped playing since. She is grateful to be studying jazz at McGill University under the tutelage of the incredible Dave Gossage. You can find her jamming at jazz bars, with salsa bands, in a rap video, and on other diverse scenes across Montréal.

Adelina teaches in Pointe-Claire.

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AmynaAmyna  is a clarinetist, pianist and improviser who enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels. Their aim is to cultivate well rounded musicians regardless of their experience level. Amyna uses the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) method as a backbone, supplemented by the Alfred method (for piano), the Daniel Bonade method (for clarinet). Rather than only focusing on one style, Amyna meets their students where they are, working to find music their students are interested in and excited to learn! Amyna has 15 years experience on clarinet, 9 years experience in piano and holds A.R.C.T level in clarinet, level 4 in piano and a bachelor of music in Improvisation (clarinet) from Wilfrid Laurier University.

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HeadShotCathryn is a classically trained pianist and flutist with 15+ years of practical and 5+ years of teaching experience.Cathryn studied piano at Algoma University and later attended the University of Western Ontario to study Classical Flute performance.

Cathryn’s previous years of experience has led to her being able to effectively work with any student, while also engaging with the students and making fun lesson plans.

Cathryn teaches in Cote Saint-Luc & Pointe-Claire.

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Malcolm is a Montreal-based saxophonist and pianist who specializes in jazz performance, as well as composition and arranging.

Malcolm had a foot in music his entire life, learning piano and clarinet at an early age, but he really started his musical journey at Royal West Academy where he first learned saxophone and played in the most prestigious wind orchestra/marching band there – Honour Band – as well as the resident jazz band. This is where jazz really captured his interest, and pushed him to move forward into the professional jazz performance program at Vanier College. There, he developed a passion for arrangement and composition. Vanier is also where Malcolm began tutoring other students, thereby starting his teaching career.

Malcolm went on to further study jazz performance at McGill University, where he received nearly a full scholarship upon entry.

Today, Malcolm practices multiple instruments (specializing in saxophone), and plays in several ensembles including an anime OST cover band. He has begun to branch out into music production as well.

Malcolm teaches in Pointe-Claire.

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